Google Jumps The Shark with Recent Update

It’s one of my favorite terms, referring back to that famous Happy Days episode where Fonzi, leather jacket and all, strapped on some waterskis and jumped over a tank with a great white swimming in it. For Happy Days, it was a desperate attempt to stay relevant, on top.

For Google, it is a matter of hubris – of which they control the market.

Take the latest update, which according to Google, involves penalizing sites with “ads above the fold.”

First off, let’s be blunt and point out that every site is an “ad” – promoting product, service, offering, self. Even our Facebook pages are “ads” for our own lives, our personalities, our jobs. Yet, that is an extreme – for without doubt one can say that corporate websites are advertisements, virtual brochures designed to enhance, build, sell, etc.

Second, whose ads does Google think are displaying above the fold? Their own! Or…will they not punish you if you display AdSense ads?

From what I’ve seen, indeed, they are punishing sites with Google ads above the midriff – again, a symptom of trying to be too clever, to innovate when innovation is not needed. Or perhaps an effort to respond to the critics and the monopoly claims. For really, where was this idea four years ago?

Truth is, for Google, it is not good idea at the present time. It is folly, much like the rest of Panda – in all likelihood designed to rid site owners and domainers of more of their earnings. What else has Google done for us recently?

Of course, this will all be capped by a dramatic announcement of higher earnings – while the farmers that fill the trough continue to see less and less.

Is it not part and parcel to what Google has become? They are the Gordon Gecko of the Internet, moving variables around to suit their own bottom line.

For Google, yes, greed is good.

Problem is, for the farmers and suppliers, their greed is…bad.

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 Commentary