Domain Industry Shout-Outs

With all the awards flying around, I figured I might as well put together our own little award segment – which is really more about giving people in this industry credit.

Fact is I’ve been in the domain industry for 16 years and there is a large swath of individuals who have not received the praise they deserve.

Sure, there are guys like Frank Schilling and Rick Schwartz, both old friends, but what about the others who, over my career, have stood out as pillars of innovation or integrity or accomplishment?

Here is a list with all my respect and gratitude….

Donna Mahoney

Rick Kirkendall

Alan Hack

Faisal Premji

Adam Strong

Marcia Lynn

Shaun Pilford

Grant Keiser

Sevan Derderian

Richard Lau

Page Howe

Susan Prosser

Slavik Viner

Francois Carrillo

Merlin Kauffman

Ammar Kubba

Cyntia King

Esa-Pekka Palvimaki

Brandon Abbey

Evan Horowitz

John Berryhill

Roy Messer

I know I’ve missed many and will continue to update as they come to me. Great thanks to all the above!

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Domain Notes: End of Summer Edition

It’s been a good while since I posted, my apologies, I have many logs in the fire and can hardly find time in the day to write.

Still, Summer is now over and that means…back to work! So in that regard, I thought I would return to the grind with some news and notes…

  1. Hmmmm, do I register the .accountant or the .accountants or the .cpa version?
  2. See above, ICANN is creating a massive mess, a free-for-all that will only confuse the consumer.
  3. Parking is no longer the base, it’s become all about the resale. Which reminds me…
  4. Read back through my posts and you should find that I have always emphasized ‘resale’ value. I made a decision long ago to make sure whatever I bought had resale value to someone.
  5. Second thing to focus on is the size of the potential buyer pool. The bigger it is, the higher the selling price.
  6. DC will soon announce a new service: gTLD marketing for new registries.
  7. Facebook is fading fast with the young crowd.
  8. Gold and Silver are currently well below their recent highs. A good alternative to domains in a world that can and does panic on a tweet.
  9. Looking to sell? Shoot me a list of names with prices – .com only, no .cpa please. We are currently buying plus we have a huge network of buyers at our disposal. Buying is rampant right now, don’t miss it! Contact us via the contact form.
  10. Recent purchases include,,,,,,, and among others.
  11. Also been registering names. My m.o. here is generally to register good local domains and resell them for $500-$2500. Found that was amazingly available and snatched it up.
  12. Read the best business book since ‘Blur’. It’s called ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’. I highly recommend it.
  13. Best registration ever? I’ve never been a big registration guy, most of my names come from acquisition but a couple years ago I had a hunch and registered That name could explode in value come October 1st when all the insurance exchanges open.
  14. Going to start allowing comments, hope I can keep up with the moderation.
  15. What do think of all the new gTLDs? Give one or two concise sentences below.

Really truly hope everyone is doing well, thriving, enjoying life. We are about to enter the next, newest chapter in our un-storied history – and that means opportunity. Think I’m ready to crush again, how about you? Best of luck, go to it.

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GoDaddy, Ugh, Does It Again…

If you’ve been following the overall thread here, you know that every year I end up lamenting another lame attempt by GoDaddy to represent our industry, domains.

This year, I thought, Bob is gone so maybe, perhaps, GD will put out something good and viral and even…clever?

You fool!

No, instead they gave me even more reasons to hate them.

There was nothing clever or good or even viral, except the universal disgust, and even worse, there wasn’t anything even kind of sexy about it. And I thought ‘sexy’ is what they did. But they couldn’t even do that.

Candice in front of a congressional panel having a wardrobe malfunction was good and, dare I say, sexy.

But since that first ad, each attempt has been more garish, less sexy, with diminishing returns on the novelty of it all.

In other words, it was already bad  (especially given the odd choice of Danica Patrick as their “sex symbol”) but then it kept getting worse.

And now this.

I don’t even remember what was said in the ad, all I remember is the disgusting sight of some sad-sack kid having a LOUD and awkward makeout session with a supermodel.

Loud, yes, LOUD – they felt it necessary to really amp up the juicy noises.

Maybe GD went out of its way to make a bad ad, that would be brilliant. But they didn’t.

No. What they gave us was worse than even Bob could muster and that douche shot an elephant – probably with a hard-on.

And that my friends, is what was missing today: Bob’s wood. For at least Bob added the ‘sexy’.

This ad was not sexy. It was just…gross, disturbing.

So the truth is, and I can’t believe I’ll say this, but today, I missed Bob’s penis.

And the industry? Well GD just made us look bad…again.

Anybody got Candice’s number?

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